Test Tracking

Test Tracking Overview

Medical Office Online allows the Provider to order tests during the patient visit. Tests are tracked through each stage of their processing so that you can be sure that each test is handled properly.

Any Type of Test from any Test Site Any type of test can be tracked. This includes labs, x-rays and special tests. The results can be put in whether they were obtained online, by fax or by regular mail.

HL7 or PDF Results

Results can be received from any site. They can be attached manually as a PDF file or automatically through the HL7 interface.

Processing Steps

After the Provider orders the test in the exam room a tracking document is placed on the virtual Outgoing stack. It remains on that stack until the order is sent out. While you wait for the results, the tracking document sits on the Pending stack. When the results come back in, they are attached to the tracking document and are put onto the provider's stack for them to review. The provider then reviews the test and sends it back to the front office's action stack for final processing.

Check out the Test Drive to try out the test tracking portion portion of the system.

Medical Test Tracking Medical Test Tracking Medical Test Tracking