Medical Scheduler

Medical Office Online can replace and vastly improves upon any practice management system (PMS) or medical scheduling software package that you may be currently using.

General Design

Medical Office Online is a Single Source Database (SSDB). This means that all of the functions of Medical Office Online utilize one database and therefore one set of patient data. After loading the patient into the system, a patient can be scheduled with only five clicks! and no typing.

Multiple Providers, Multiple Locations, Resources

Medical Office Online allows you to give calendars to and schedule appointments for multiple providers and multiple resources(X-ray machines, etc.). With multiple location web based scheduling, practices with multiple locations are able to easily coordinate. The provider is also able to check his real-time calendar from anywhere in the world.


The Medical Office Online system comes two schedulers that serve the two very different types of appointments that a practice can have:

The Patient Scheduler

The patient scheduler is used for scheduling patients for clinical visits or operations. When a patient is scheduled using the patient scheduler an electronic medical record (EMR) is created and filled out with all of the patient's demographic and insurance data. It is also given a time and a date. It is the EMR that is listed on the calendar , rather than a useless calendar entry with only a date and name.

The Event Scheduler

The event scheduler allows you to add anything other than a patient to your calendar. Possible uses of the event scheduler include, but are not limited to:

  • Meetings
  • Lunch Appointments
  • Blocking out time
  • Marking a provider as unavailable
  • Blocking out time for surgeries
  • Scheduling personal events


Each provider within a Medical Office Online practice gets three calendars:

  1. A calendar that shows just their office visits
  2. A calendar that shows all of their visits (office & hospital).
  3. A personal calendar for events that are private or unrelated to the practice.

Each Medical Office Online system also has a consolidate calendar that shows all visits for all providers.

Access Control

Medical Office Online's access control feature allows you to control who has access to view each of your separate calendars. This ensures that appointments and patient visits are only known about by the people who need to know about them.


The Medical Office Online calendaring system allows you to choose the duration of both events and patient visits. Calendar entries with extended durations shade out the slots below them on the calendar but do not restrict you from scheduling into these slots or "double booking".

Check out the Test Drive to try out the scheduling portion of the system.

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