Setup / Requirements

What your office needs in order to run the Medical Office Online system.

Medical Office Online will guide you through the easy steps it takes to use the MOO service. There are two components to setup; hardware setup and office staff conversion preparation/training.

Hardware Setup

Using our online guides, you can set up your office's computers and internet connection or we can recommend a reputable vendor who can get your office up and running for you.

Hardware setup has three steps:

1. Get a High Speed Internet Connection

Get broadband connection to the Internet. Cable or DSL are the most cost-effective. We recommend getting both if available in your area.

2. Set Up Your PCs

Medical Office Online will run on almost any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. This includes desktops, laptops, tablet pcs, etc. You can see a complete list of compatible devices and browsers here. You do not need a server or server software.

We have found that using desktop workstations is the most practical option. You will need computers for your front desk, back desk, fax station and in half of your exam rooms.

We recommend the following for each workstation:

Windows or Macintosh desktop computers
15" or 17" Flat Panel monitors Inexpensive B&W Laser printer

3. Connect Your PCs to the Internet

Set up computers where you need them in your office and connect them to the internet using a wired or wireless router/hub.

For more information about setting up your office, jump to the following, Connection Details.

Staff Conversion Preparation / Training

Staff Conversion Preparation/Training has three steps:

  1. Introduction to change and commit to date to begin full use.
  2. Short-term parallel running of old and new systems.
  3. Full use without old systems beginning on established date.

Average Time

This process typically takes from one to four months.