Innovative Program Helps Doctors Manage All Their Office Functions In A Completely Paperless Environment.

ST. LOUIS, MO., JULY 20, 2003 -- In an ongoing effort to provide cost-effective solutions to help doctors’ offices become technologically state-of–the-art, St. Louis-based Medical Office Online, Inc. is taking the lead in the industry by unveiling an innovative, online, Total Practice Management™ service designed to revolutionize the doctor’s office. Headed by Dr. John Costello, a practicing physician, Medical Office Online combines scheduling, electronic medical records, prescription writing, letter writing, billing, and image capture functions in a single Application Service Provider (ASP) service.

This advanced approach to practice management offers doctors the ability to accelerate the note-taking or transcribing, and eliminate paper filing functions currently being used in the obsolete paper chart system. Doctors using the online version simply log-on to their own personal, totally secure, browser-based database at the start of the workday and begin recording patient notes into the computer for each patient visit. At the completion of the visit, it is then saved and is immediately ready to be filed as an electronic claim. (To view a working sample of the technology please visit

This new system allows doctors to provide better care for their patients with less work and cost. Essentially, doctors can access a concise summary of all information pertaining to an individual patient’s care, including an efficient view of past hospital visits, lab test results, previous medications and much more. They can even view the length of time since a patient’s last office visit, allowing doctors to better determine the need to see a patient before refilling a prescription.

The system is tailored for the independent physician or small group of up to 12 physicians. Aside from positively impacting patient care, other goals of the service are to enable the office to become virtually paperless inside of four months, improve patient record-keeping, enhance the communication between the doctor and his patients, and eliminate the daily chores of filing, copying, data re-entry and transcribing. “I designed this system for my own office because I saw a void in the products on the market,” stated Dr. John Costello, president and developer of Medical Office Online, Inc., and a practicing physician who specializes in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. “The service is a complete package with no add-ons, modules or extra options. And it was designed so one database feeds all functions, meaning you will never have to enter the same information twice.”

Some of its most innovative qualities include:

  • The ability to scan and “attach” the patient’s photo ID and insurance cards into the database,
  • Automatic capture of CPT and ICD9 charges into the Electronic Medical Record,
  • The background tallying of Evaluation and Management (E&M) coding,
  • The ability to communicate with all of the healthcare parties such as pharmacies, payers, testing facilities, and regulators, and
  • HIPAA compliance.


The service is extremely economical compared to other local server client software options currently available in the market. Priced as an online subscription at only $250.00 per provider per month, it eliminates the need for doctors to purchase expensive software packages. “We wanted to provide doctors with an affordable, easy-to-use system that was well within the price range of every practice situation, from the inner-city to the rural doctor. And the beauty of this service is that it’s accessible anywhere, anytime, worldwide, because it is on the Web,” noted Dr. Costello.

Equipment requirements to initiate a Medical Office Online subscription are also minimal. “Most doctors are already realizing the necessity of having broadband Internet access in their offices. Services such as online medical textbooks, laboratory results retrieval and electronic claims filing are standard medical office characteristics today,” described Dr.Costello. “So having doctors add a few more off-the-shelf computers for each exam room and the front desk is not a costly outlay. Because the system is Webbased, there is no need to install an expensive server or software.”

Costello added, “Medical Office Online is changing the way doctors practice Medicine! Our next innovation will be to make this service accessible to patients, so they can view and retrieve their own medical records anywhere in the world. ”

For more information about how Medical Office Online can enrich your clinical workday, visit or call 1-866-995-9889.

Medical Office Online, Inc. was established in 1998 and since then, Costello and his staff have been developing, Beta testing and refining the product. The official market launch this summer offers doctors the opportunity to avail of an affordable solution to improve the quality of patient care and enhance the clinician’s practice of medicine worldwide. The company, which has five employees, is based in St. Louis, Mo.

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