Adds Real-Time Patient Access via Web; Expands Customer Base

ST. LOUIS, MO - May 13, 2005 –- Medical Office Online, which introduced its innovative Total Practice Management system two years ago, has announced that its paperless medical office system now will enable its subscribing physicians to offer patients direct access to their medical records and billing status in real time.

Because the service is a secure, true Web-based, browser-based, hosted Internet system, patients can access their complete medical record and billing status over the Web from anywhere in the world in real time. The new enhancement offers exactly what President Bush encouraged in his April 2004 speech concerning ways that patient access to their medical record can help the United States improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Patient access coupled with Medical Office Online’s other service features – including patient scheduling, electronic medical record (EMR), prescription writing, letter writing, billing, claims filing and image capture functions – makes Medical Office Online a unique Application Service Provider (ASP).

More than 200 health care professionals nationally currently use the service. Many of these offices can offer the substantial efficiencies of a paperless office just beginning to be realized by the healthcare industry, including improved patient care, reduced office overhead, increased revenues, and improved patient and provider satisfaction. All the benefits result directly from the unique Medical Office Online workflow design.

To support the new services, Medical Office Online has added experienced management and qualified staffing to serve health care providers and patients as they use the new service. In addition, the company’s improved customer service department will be devoted to getting new clients set up and operational as quickly as possible and will provide personalized training to reduce implementation time and answer clients’ questions about the system.

For more information about Medical Office Online, visit or call 1-866-995-9889.

Medical Office Online, Inc. was established in 1998. Since then, the company has developed and refined its offerings to provide doctors with an affordable, state-of-the art solution to improve the quality of patient care and enhance the clinician’s practice of medicine. The company recently completed a successful funding round with its Jan.1, 2005 Private Offering.