Personal Computers

(Likely to be the most cost effective option.)

Medical Office Online can be run from any Internet-enabled device. The PCs in the diagram each have their own ethernet adapter installed to allow them to connect to the network. Medical Office Online recommends the following:

  • A PC in each examining room for the Provider's use during examination.
  • A PC in the waiting room so that patients can view their data while they wait.
  • A PC in the front office for use by the Provider and his/her staff.
  • A PC in the back/Provider's office for use by the Provider and/or bookkeeper.

For security reasons it is recommended that each workstation remain independent. This means that you should not enable file or print sharing between the different workstations. This is especially important if you are not using an independent hardware Firewall.

Medical Office Onlines electronic medical records system

Wireless Option

Note: Our example uses hardwired desktop PCs. However, a Medical Office Online practice can be set up to use any number of configurations; this includes wireless networking, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

A Typical MOO Enabled Examining Room

Medical Office Online can be run from any Internet enabled device. Medical Office Online recommends putting a separate PC and Printer in each examining room. This eliminates the potential security problems caused by networked printers and file sharing. And it also allows your to complete any necessary data entry into the electronic medical record while visiting with the patient making your workflow more efficient.

Medical Office Online Examining Room

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